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Come experience  the difference. Our HX Professionals are the world's best.  We understand that the most important part of any service is you. Your input makes the difference between a good style and a great one. Our stylists will thoroughly consult with you, whether it's your first visit or fiftieth, to ensure that a look is created to suit your individual needs. Whether you are looking for cutting edge or classic, we can get you there. 


All of our make up stylists are here to take care of you. Feel free to get to know one of us or all of us to find the stylist who best suits your personal style and needs.





Whether you are a stylist or a client we want to provide you with the opporuntity to be apart of our HXPRO Culture. Casual style that is clean, confident, comfortable and modern.


 Our collections is an interpretation of our  signature pieces that are a staple for every wardrobe. HXPRO embraces a the  freedom to express individual style.




We would like profile you and your PRO Team. Find out how you and your salon can become offical HX Professionals. We would like the opportuntiy to invite you for ad spaces for your business and salon. 

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