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Our Story

Our Vision


In 2013, we were inspired to create a company that would support the success of Hair Extension Stylist all around the world. With just $500, we launched a company that would pioneer innovative products for the modern woman, while making true beauty a truly manageable lifestyle.



Today, our dream  is a reality.

HX Pro currently works with an array of stylist building HXPRO worldwide and offering high quality products to our professionals and clients.



Capturing the culture of beauty, HXPRO provides product accessories to serve the need of the modern woman on the move.


As one of the industry’s fresh faces in beauty, HXPRO pioneers its way through its professional service experience.


HX Professional is a service and product brand company for Professionals and clients.

HXPRO offers on-location luxury bridal beauty services and consultations for weddings and events. 


Whether you prefer a soft and romantic or bold and glamorous look, you can expect the utmost professionalism and innovative techniques to bring your wedding day vision to life. 


Contact our professional makeup services and allow us to be apart of the moment you will cherish for a lifetime!

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